Cut – Insert QUC – Clamp – Tighten

The Quick Union Coupler (QUC) is a 3 piece repair union coupler. Made from lead free-brass, this heavy duty fitting allows you to easily repair a poly waterline in the tightest of spaces. An internal gasket allows the QUC to be tightened by hand with no thread sealant needed.

With the Quick Union Coupler repairing a waterline is as easy as Cut – Insert – Clamp –Tighten


  • Great for both lawn irrigation lines & waterlines
  • Quickly repair waterline breaks without kinking poly pipe
  • Works well in tight spaces
  • Gasket allows fitting to be tightened by hand
  • Heavy-Duty, Lead-Free Brass Fitting
  • Available for 1″ poly pipe
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Quick union coupler